Review my cancellation fee

Review my cancellation fee

Category: Trip Issues and Refunds

You may be charged a cancellation fee if you cancel a trip after you’re matched with a driver. These fees pay driver-partners for the time and effort they spend getting to your location. Drivers are also able to cancel a ride request if they’ve waited a certain amount of time at the pickup location. You may be charged a cancellation fee in this case to reimburse your driver for their time. You can learn more about the cancellation policy in your area in this article: CHECK FOR A CANCELLATION FEE CHARGE 1. Tap the menu icon, then tap “Your Trips” 2. Under “Past” trips, tap the canceled trip 3. Tap “Receipt” -If you were charged a cancellation fee, it will show on your receipt -If you were not charged a cancellation fee, the trip fare will show as 0 . . HAVE A DIFFERENT ISSUE WITH A CANCELLATION FEE? Share the details in the box on this page. If you have an issue with a different trip, go back to your trip history and select that trip to get the fastest response.

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